Building Regulations

Make sure that your building will conform with Building Regulations and get in touch with our specialists. Building Regulations are a legal requirement and must be met on every extension, alteration or development project. Once the necessary permission has been granted an application to Building Control must be made to ensure full compliance before any work commences.

What we do:
A full set of detailed working drawings would be produced and submitted the local Building Control for approval. This would cover technical issues in areas such as:
1. Structural Stability.
2. Fire Protection.
3. Conservation of energy.
4. Protection from Falling.
5. Ventilation and Drainage.

Accordingly a fully detailed set of building plans, sectional drawings and full specifications are produced. At this point, structural calculations may be required which can be arranged through our associate engineer. These details will be submitted by us and full approval obtained. This will then enable you to complete the build process knowledge that the finished project will be fully compliant.