TVR Design Consultancy ~ Architectural services,

research & teaching programmes in UK and Europe.


TVR Design Consultancy is a small-sized architectural practice and environmental consultancy in Cambridge (UK).
We are sustainability experts, working across the fields of architecture and urban design in UK and Europe. Our expertise includes integrated building design, conservation, energy efficient retrofitting, sustainable design solutions, city regeneration, cultural heritage, architectural research and educational projects in UK and Europe.

We offer bespoke services, tailored to the particular needs of clients and projects – ready to take on any challenge.  From development appraisals and community engagement to heritage study and masterplanning, we’ll conduct a thorough area appraisals. We combine creative design with intelligent lateral thinking to help formulate a vision and planning strategy. Known for our ability to resolve challenges within sensitive sites, we build new spaces and renovate the existing buildings so that they are energy efficient and innovative. Our cross-sector experience and strong relationships with local stakeholders ensure the development of the appropriate regeneration framework.

Our people.
Тatiana Ruchi PhD, MSt (Cambridge), BA (Hons) Dip Arch. Member of Wolfson College, Cambridge, UK.
Tatiana is an internationally trained architectural consultant with 15 years of integrated building design experience, sustainability skills and experience of working in research and teaching environments. She has an expertise in sustainable housing, city regeneration and knowledge of planning legislation in UK. Tatiana has a good record of completed architectural and urban planning projects in Cambridgeshire as well as the experience of international projects (eg, ERASMUS Mundus, Horizon 2020 and TUD COST Action). She has a detailed understanding of architecture history, theory and contemporary practice.

Jeremy Sweet PhD, MSc, NDA.
Jeremy is a consultant and advisor on GMOs to the European Commission, European governments, FAO/UNIDO and scientific organisations and academies of several countries. He is an author of over 60 scientific papers on Plant Pathology and GMOs and 4 books.